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Education & Prevention Services TrueNorth’s Education & Prevention Services are proactive processes that empower individuals to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Research-based prevention programs have been proven to help children, adults and communities identify and reduce
Trauma-Informed Care   What does Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) look like at TrueNorth? TrueNorth Wellness Services is a trauma-informed care agency that strives to create a safe environment and a culture of hope and healing where all will thrive. We empower our clients through the use of choice and collaboration while
A Closer Look: Crisis Intervention Services Interested in learning more about our Crisis Intervention Services? Checkout our talk with TrueNorth’s Crisis Intervention Managers, Kara Decker (Fulton County) and Jayne Wildasin (Adams/York Counties) for a look inside their departments. What is Crisis Intervention? Kara: Crisis Intervention Services are responsible for assessing
Student Mental Health written by: Kendall Cline, FFT Program Manager   During the Covid-19 pandemic, results on high school student mental health in the United States have shown an alarming increase in threats. The 2021 CDC data shows about 37% of students reported experiencing poor mental health during the pandemic
A Closer Look: Student Assistance Program (SAP) Did you know TrueNorth Wellness Services has 13 locations and offers services in nine counties? We service over 24,000 client interactions each year, working with individuals, schools, emergency services, and other community organizations. With so many services offered, we thought it would be