inspiring hope and healthy living
by providing behavioral health and wellness services one person at a time.


DEIB in the Workplace written by: Cori A. Reed, LPC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are all becoming or have become buzzwords that we often hear thrown around when discussing company or agency culture. They’re becoming or are the in-terminology that differentiate quality employers from their counterparts. However, what
Committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging “At TrueNorth Wellness Services, our mission to inspire hope and healthy living through behavioral health and wellness services goes hand-in-hand with our desire to create an inclusive community which embraces diversity, celebrates differences, and appreciates each person’s unique background, identity and experience. From
A closer look at Peer Support Services
A Closer Look: Peer Support Services Did you know TrueNorth Wellness Services has 13 locations and offers services in nine counties? We service over 24,000 client interactions each year, working with individuals, schools, emergency services, and other community organizations. With so many services offered, we thought it would be a
For nearly 50 years, TrueNorth Wellness Services has been providing our communities with behavioral health and wellness programs, such as Counseling Services, Residential Services, Autism Services, Crisis Intervention Services, and Education and Prevention programs. We invite you to learn more about our mission, and our work this past year.
Good Faith Estimate The No Surprises Act (effective 2022) has brought some changes to medical billing. The act gives consumers, like you, a number of new rights against surprise medical bills. One area of the new legislation is your right to a good faith estimate. Read more in the document