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GRIT Through It Challenge

Grit22 Performance Gym is hosting a fundraiser for suicide prevention and mental health awareness, with all proceeds going to TrueNorth Wellness Services, a full service behavioral health and wellness agency in Central PA.

Beginning on World Mental Health Day [October 10th], we are throwing down a challenge! It’s very simple… Commit to doing as many push ups or pull ups as you can. Before you start, let us know who nominated you, how much you’ll be donating per push/pull up and then show us what you’ve got!

Be sure to film your challenge and post it to social media, using the hashtag #GritThroughIt. When you’ve done all the push ups or pull ups you can do, don’t forget to pass the challenge along and nominate others!

There’s no need to wait to be nominated! If you want to participate, go right ahead! And, keep it going by nominating others.

Feel free to get creative with it! Why not put out a challenge to folks who don’t want to do the push/pull ups… Ask them to donate per how many reps you do! $1 per push up, $20 per pull up… any amount is extremely helpful.

The Back Story:
This challenge is the brainchild of Isaiah Colmore, owner of Grit22 Performance Gym in York, PA.

“I came from a dark place where I felt I was alone and couldn’t really tell anyone what I was going through. It was difficult waking up every day, even harder to be positive about anything. I used athletics and weights to help cope with depression. If we can help even one person get through their challenges and demons through raising funds to help TrueNorth Wellness provide services to someone in need, then this fundraiser is worth it!”

Accept the Challenge. Change a Life.
Let’s #GritThroughIt Together!