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Employee Assistance Program

Wellness Services

What Is The Employee Assistance Program?

At TrueNorth Wellness Services, we believe promoting a healthy and stable workforce is paramount for success. Simply put, healthy people perform better on the job and at home. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have been helping businesses create and maintain healthy and stable work environments for many years.

Our EAP enables employers to give their employees a number of unique services that provide early intervention to address problems before they become unmanageable, as well as offer them a range of health promotion and prevention sessions that empower them to take steps to improve overall wellness and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

What Problems Are Addressed by the EAP?

  • Marriage and family issues
  • Stress-related anxiety/depression
  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse
  • Job stress
  • Critical incident stress management (on-site, if needed)
  • Legal and financial issues
  • Abuse
  • Grief

For specific information regarding our Employee Assistance Program, please call (717) 632-4900 ext. 2095 to speak with Melissa Speal.